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Satrangi Stories

The Satrang Youth Group began a “Family Stories” project wherein they collected stories from family members about how they went through their own process with their LGBTQ son/daughter/sibling/grandchild, etc.

These stories are offered here and shared as personal narratives of South Asian family members struggling / coming to terms / accepting/ celebrating the LGBTQ person they love and care about. We hope they will spark conversations that lead to greater visibility, emotional health and connection in our communities.

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My Love for My Man
Rupen Bhatt

Love you…you ask how much I love you?
Neither do I know, nor shall I ever know.
I just love you and to love you is all I know,
Why the limit, why to delimit my love for you?

To sense you, see you, feel you is a bliss,
Not only in my night but in my day dreams too.
To have you and hold you, unite us one from two,
And not to forget your passionately placed kiss!

I know not another one and I think not another one,
I live you, I breathe you, just you and no one else.
You disappear and I shudder, you appear and I hear bells,
I begin with you and end with you, you and no other one!

I am your man, and I have loved you my man,
Not just yesterday or today but forever in my heart.
For eternity and beyond, I want to see us etched up in art,
What say the world, love is beyond a woman and a man!


Finding Home in a Song and a Dance: Nation, Culture, Bollywood

In this piece, Satrangi Sheena Malhotra considers issues of ethnic, gender, and class identities as she reflects on how Bollywood films can evoke “home” for members of the South Asian diaspora (displaced or dispersed people).

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