Satrang Gala 2017

Serving Southern California’s South Asian LGBT*Q community since 1997


Satrang’s annual gala is a night of celebration, filled with a variety of Desi foods, musical performances, comedy and honoring trailblazers in the community, all culminating in an epic dance party!

Satrang Visionary Award 2017

It is so important to honor bravery in this political climate. Socal Satrang’s Visionary Award honors a member of our community every year who strongly speaks out against injustice. It is our pleasure to announce that this year’s Visionary Awardee is Celia Sandhya Daniels!


Celia is an Asian Indian trans woman of color who is an activist, business professional, motivator, musician, artist, photographer and a filmmaker. Celia supports and volunteers for many non-profit organizations, churches, institutions and LGBTQ+ resource groups in the Ventura county. She was instrumental in reviving a local PFLAG support group in Simi Valley. She is a mentor and a trusted friend to various transgender youth and adults across the globe. She promotes transgender education and acceptance through her videos, short films, presentations and blogs.
Growing up in a conservative middle class Christian home in Chennai, South India, she writes and speaks passionately about her gender dysphoria, social stigma and challenges she faced in her family, school and community. She is one of the very few Indian Christians who strongly advocates for the transgender community within the evangelical Christian community in the US and India. She is currently focused on building allies with local communities, corporate sectors, churches and organizations that fight for Civil rights, Youth empowerment and Social justice

Satrang Legacy Award 2017

In reflecting back on Socal Satrang’s history, we know there are many individuals that have brought us to the position that we are today. This year, on our 20th, we are awarding someone who has been a constant, driving force of the important community-building work that is Satrang.

It is our pleasure to announce that this year’s Legacy Awardee is Manoj Kumar!!


Manoj Kumar has been an integral part of Satrang from its very early years. Soon after he moved to Los Angeles in 2000, he became involved with Satrang and Satrangis, participating in various events and get togethers. He soon became a close friend and confidant to many in the community. Having witnessed his enthusiasm, dedication and ease of interaction with others, the then Satrang board invited him to become a member of the board in 2001. That started the longest stint as a board member in Satrang’s history: except for a year’s break in 2010-2011, Manoj served on the board till 2013 and was President for the last two years of that long tenure.

As a member of the board and President, Manoj has contributed immensely in making Satrang what it is today: a supportive, nurturing, safe and fun place for the South Asian LGBTQ community in Southern California. Together with other board members and many energetic volunteers, he helped organize numerous Satrang events: annual galas, workshops, mujra nights, antakshari nights, kadhai cook-offs, board retreats, LA Pride marches, potlucks, outings, etc. One of Manoj’s major accomplishments as president is obtaining non-profit status for Satrang. He led this effort with dedication and persistence until Satrang became a 501(c)3 organization in 2013.

While doing all this, he was always available at a personal level as a friend to anyone who needed a sympathetic person to discuss a problem with, or simply to shoot the breeze with. His playful and fun side has been on display numerous times in his drag performances at mujra nights. Although Manoj left the Satrang board several years back, he continues to provide support to the community in various ways. Most notably, he is helping with the requirements to maintain Satrang’s 501(c)3 status.

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Satrang relies on the generous support of our community to sustain our free programming and events. We encourage you to make a donation to support our work as the only organization serving South Asian LGBT*QIA individuals in Southern California which goes to:
  • Hosting social and educational events
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  • Translating resources into South Asian languages
  • Creating a retreat for Desi queer and trans* youth
  • Connecting members with local legal and social service resources
  • Building local and national collaboration


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